primal cabbage in garden #3 - dec 2015


This montage of cabbage photos illustrates the complex and robust nature of the cabbage plant.  Its collection of large leaves protect and feed the cabbage throughout its maturation process.  The vascularity of the leaves are amazing, much like the vascularity of a lean and muscular primal human.  I like it!  Another incredible fact with the cabbage plant is that the head can be cut just at the base of the stem, which then leaves a foundation for the plant to sprout several, although smaller, cabbage heads.  The last two images are from a previous cabbage plant but illustrate the little buds which grow into large cabbage heads as seen in the last image.  I'll follow up with more images when these are ready to harvest, but the potential is already exciting.  Of course, there are tons of nutritious and tasty cabbage recipes, so imagine cutting off a cabbage head and cooking it up 10 minutes later in your own kitchen.  Now that's primal!

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