cabbage in garden #3 - oct to dec 2015


This is my first go at cabbage which started from small pods.  I'm quite pleased with how they're taking off.  The leaves look healthy and vascular which simply illustrate how the plant soaks up the sun's rays to produce its rich, dense, and abundantly nutritious cabbage head.  The Featured Image dates back to 10/06/15 and continues on to 10/06/15, 10/22/15, and 12/04/15, respectively.

Cabbage heads can be cut when they feel hard and solid.  Cutting at the lowest part of the stem whilst leaving the loose leaves on the plant will encourage new sprouts to grow on the stem, and you'll end up with several cabbage heads on one plant.  The cabbage leaves are also edible, so when the time is right, those can be harvested as well.

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