homemade sauerkraut – sept 2015


Here is the finished product of my first go at fermentation.  I left it out on the counter for about 6 days.  My first impression is 1) too salty, which I can modify with future batches and 2) too crunchy, which a wise farmer informed me is characteristic of purple cabbage.  Some like this crunchiness and will gravitate towards this kind.  And, perhaps leaving it out for 10 days would soften it up a bit.  I know what you're thinking...kinda looks like brain matter.  No big deal; it's healthy and homemade.  The 2nd image shows the layer of cabbage leaves which I removed before delving into the cabbage.  After the 6-day fermentation, I moved it to the refrigerator for daily consumption.

I'm looking into natural flavoring to add to the kraut either at the beginning or once fermentation is complete.  Some store-bought kraut contains white wine, so I'm thinking that a little apple cider vinegar could be an option as well.  I'll report more experiences from my journey into food fermentation.

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